Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Gala Concert Poster Competition

Jane Mackay
Jane Mackay is a synaesthetic artist who sees colours when she hears music

Once again the music department are looking for both junior and senior cycle artists to get involved with the 'Gala Concert Poster Competition'.
The entries are due in by Wednesday March 6th and the winning poster will be announced at the Music Prize evening a few days later.
The following information must be included on the poster;
St. Columba's College
Gala Concert
Saturday April 27th  2013 at 8pm
Mairead Buicke, soprano and Anthony Byrne, piano
Proceeds to Habitat for Humanity
The poster should be completed in a portrait format and A3 in size.
Previous examples of poster designs can be seen HERE. See your art teacher for any more information.

What is synaesthesia?

Your brain usually interprets signals from the eyes as light, and those from the ears as sound. But a few people experience sounds as colours, smells as colours or even colours as smells. Around one in a hundred people have some form of this 'mixing of the senses' or synaesthesia. Almost any combination of two of the five senses is possible, although it is most common to see a certain colour when you hear a particular sound.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Form V Batik

Examples of batik work by Form V.

Leslie von Negenborn

Molly Dunne

Monday, February 18, 2013

Marley Park

Before half term, the Form V Q set visited Marley Park during one of its lessons to make a record of some of the beautiful scenes the walled garden has to offer. Although still early in the year the garden has plently of inspirational images suitable for execution in watercolour. Work on these compositions began today. Even the group shot by the water fountain is forming the basis for a painting! It is hoped that some of this work will be ready for the annual exhibition and competition which will be held close to the end of term.

Molly Buckingham

Louisa Gibbs

Jennifer Kim