Friday, September 9, 2011

New Term!

Welcome back to a new term here at The College! Art classes just began yesterday so we took time to look through the archives for some examples of pupil work. Posted today is work by OC Greg Howie . His distraught and angst ridden portraits still adorn one of the supporting pillars in the Art Room. They are somewhat reminisent of the infamous Edvard Munch painting 'The Scream' (shown here as a print).

That said, we are looking forward to another hugely creative and  productive year! Congratulations to the Form VI leavers whose overall exam performance was, once again, incredible. We are also looking forward to a very exciting exhibition which is none other than an exhibition of Old Columban Artists which will take place here at The College during the coming Michaelmas Term; more news on that in the coming weeks. We also look forward to working with the new budding artists some of whom displayed their talents for us last term.