Saturday, May 21, 2011

Future Columban Artists!

Squares with concentric circles by Wassily Kandinsky.

Today the College hosted an induction day for new Junior entrants to the College for the next academic year. The Art Department had an opportunity to tap into their create side this afternoon, and inspired by the work of Wassily Kandinsky they produced a huge mural in less than one hour!  In fact until the work is fully dry and hanging on a wall it is impossible to photograph it as a mural! 
Photos posted below show the process as well as sections of the finished mural.

Business as usual!

It appears that we may have sorted our technical glitch  and now hope posting can continue as usual!

Posted today is work by Form II. They spent last week examining the concept of emotions and feelings and how they are expressed. Firstly they chose an emotion from a list provided, and were asked to reflect the meaning of the word in the text of the word. This could include imagery as well as suitable use of colour, size, shape and type of font.

Their next exercise in exploring the concept of how we experience emotions and feelings is to create an 'emotional box'. Once again pupils were asked to choose an emotion from a list provided and to create a box in which the emotion can be felt . Results will be posted in the coming weeks and it will be interesting to see how we image emotions can be tangibly felt!

 (Please excuse spelling error above !)

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Scc Art have been experiencing some technical difficulties in recent days but hope to have it sorted very soon..... sorry!

Sunday, May 15, 2011


The Leaving Certificate and Junior Certificate Exams are now over. They were held last week and now our Leaving Certificate and Junior Certificate pupils are feeling very relieved!

Senior cycle pupils took the craft paper and disciplines such as clay modelling and batik were explored. The Junior Certificate drawing exam allowed for a number of man made or organic objects to be drawn. These were then added to their projects along with their life drawings and the envelopes were sealed.