Saturday, February 27, 2010

Celebration of Colour!

'Lathmar Holi' also known as the festival of colours celebrates the beginning of  Spring and is being celebrated all over India in recent days. These colourful photographs were published in yesterday's Irish Times.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday's Photo

Today's photo of broken glass was shot by Jack Cherry in Form IV in late August 2009 on a Canon EOS 1000D.

Studio 8 @ IMMA

SCC Art posted an article about Studio 8 at IMMA on November 12th  2009. Studio 8  is a space at IMMA which young people, aged 15-18 years, can use as their base when visiting the Museum. It is a relaxed and informal gathering place from which young people of varied interests and levels of creative experience can explore the galleries or take part in facilitated: tours of exhibitions; talks and discussions; art making; visits to IMMA’s Artists’ Residency Programme; sessions on critical writing, curating and exhibition installation, and more.

On Saturday 6 March artist Claire Halpin will facilitate a workshop which takes as its starting point the exhibition What happens next is a secret. This experimental exhibition of works from IMMA’s Collection explores notions of collection and curation. In response to the exhibition, Studio 8 participants will develop ideas in the studio, working on creative concepts and making working drawings. They will discuss various aspects of curation and will also look at a range of materials and artforms during this exploratory workshop.

Information about further Studio 8 activities, including two workshops focusing on drawing with artist Clodagh Emoe on 13 and 20 March, will be updated at intervals on the IMMA website.

Studio 8 is open for young people to ‘drop in’ anytime from 11.00am - 4.00pm on Saturdays  6 Mar—24 Apr 2010. Activities in Studio 8 are free, are facilitated by IMMA Mediators and artists and no booking is required to attend.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Tea-pot.

This painting of A Tea-pot is by Louisa Gibbs in Form II. She completed this picture using acrylic paint. The tactile quality of the painting creates atmosphere and the tones and shadows on the tea-pot give the illusion of form.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Form IV Movie Module continues.

Nobody is beyond redemption.

For justice. For loyalty. For friendship.

 Written by Guillermo Arriaga and directed by Tommy Lee Jones, the movie was shot in 2005. The plot is as follows; In Texas nearby the border of Mexico, the newcomer arrogant border patrolman Mike Norton mistakenly kills the Mexican cowboy Melquiades Estrada and buries him in the desert. When Melquiades's body is accidentally found one week later, his best friend, the ranch foreman Pete Perkins, claims the body to fulfill his promise and bury Melquiades in his hometown Jimenez and presses the local sheriff Belmont to find the killer. However, Melquiades is not delivered to Pete because he is not his relative, and his body is reburied in the local cemetery. When Rachel discloses the identity of the killer, Pete kidnaps Mike and forces him to dig the grave and bring the body to Melquiades's family in Mexico. While in their journey to Mexico, the sad reality of the hopeless Mexicans that live in the proximity of the border with USA is disclosed.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Deadline for the Texaco Children's Art Competition

Entries for the Texaco Children's Art Competition are now due to be posted in order to be eligible for the competition. Please see your Art Teacher if you still have a piece of work you wish to enter. The entry posted below is a pastel drawing;  'A Penguin' by George Perceval in Form Primary.

The entry below is by Cormac McCooey in Form Primary