Monday, December 16, 2013

Celebrity Portraits!

Conall Mathur Dix

Sorcha McCooey

Josie Pollock

Charlie Stewart

Jamie Ukagba

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Celebrity Portraits!

Moving on from the monochrome green paintings completed earlier in the term, Form II tried painting their favorite celebrities. Using just black, white and grey, the pupils painted the shadows, contours and planes of the face to bring to life their chosen celebrity. Check out the results!

Lucy Hancock

Sasha Cole

Felix Alyn Morgan

Charlotte Bennet

Friday, November 8, 2013

Ceramics Ireland

Yesterday Form II visited the Pearse Museum where they viewed a broad range of ceramic work at the Ceramics Ireland Annual Exhibition. On arrival we were greeted by one of the artists Vicky Sutherland and she gave us a  full explanation of the raku firing process which she used in the porcelain forms she had on display.  A number of pupils in Form II are currently working on a ceramics project and hopefully this outing will help to shed new light on some of the possibilities for their own creations.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Green fingers!

Although it has been some time since we posted any pupil work, the art room has been a busy place with pupils  producing all kinds of things! In addition to  portfolio preparation, Form IV Photography and all the usual weekly lessons there have been junior and senior art trips to 'Sculpture in Context' at the Botanic Gardens, as well as the making of  props for the Form I and II plays which will be performed in the coming weeks. Posted today is work by Form II.
 After carrying out a colour mixing exercise, Form II used view finders to organise compositions with green fruit and vegetables.  We photographed the compositions and used them to refer to for the paintings. The objective of the lesson was to focus pupils attention on colour, shape, texture and composition.
Sasha Cole

Josie Pollock

Lucy Hancock

Charlotte Bennet

Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Submarine

Each term the Library publishes a magazine The Submarine . The latest edition is  solely dedicated to art and there are a number of articles ranging from gallery recommendations to analyses of paintings such as da Vinci's 'Last Supper'. There are also lots of excellent visuals, most of which were completed by pupils. Both Junior and Senior Cycle pupils have contributed to this publication and the Art Department are very thankful to our Librarian Mr McConville for conceiving the idea of an edition of the magazine dedicated to the area of art. 

 The Submarine can read online below via Issuu (click for a closer view, again for the closest, and navigate via the arrows). 

Thursday, June 13, 2013


It is not uncommon to see deer grazing around The College.  However, in recent weeks one has taken up residence under a large eucalyptus tree and has not moved an inch !

Posted today is another piece of work completed by Form V pupils. By simply using found materials, they have made a number of sculptural pieces suitable for placing in specific parts of The College. Just like the Gnomes you never know what will appear next !

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Gnomes decorated by celebraties including Elton John which went on display at the Chelsea Flower Show yesterday.

It seems to be all about Gnomes these days! They have been popping up around The College in recent weeks and now they have finally been allowed to appear at the Chelsea Flower Show. A number of gnomes decorated by celebrities can be viewed HERE.
The gnomes appearing around The College also have distinct themes. The Iona Gnome carries a certain attitude as well as a title. The curious looking gnome beneath the Science Block appears to be a botanist perhaps. And finally the gnome holding fort at the entrance to the Sports Hall is proving himself to be a worthy fitness enthusiast. Keep an eye out; there may be more lurking around !

Iona Gnone

Curious Gnome

Sporty Gnome

Monday, May 20, 2013

Form I Pinch Pots

Junior Induction Day
The Art Department has been very busy since term began. Now that the Junior Certificate projects are complete and the Leaving Certificate pupils have hung up their art room aprons, postings showing some of the exciting work completed by other forms can continue. Form V and Form IV have been working on sculptures from found materials and outdoor murals respectively. A number of  Form III pupils have been experimenting with portraiture using photographic enhancing apps. The results of all of these projects will appear presently. Last week we also had the Junior Induction Day and as usual we got to have a preview of what artistic delights are in store for us next term.  In the meantime posted today are some wonderfully delicate little pinch pots made by Form I. 


Friday, April 12, 2013

Portrait Painting

Congratulations to Samuel Clarke in Form IV who has been awarded a special merit in the Texaco Children's Art competition for his portrait titled 'Mother'. His painting can be viewed on the Texaco Children's Art website HERE.

Samuel also won the Earl of Meath Senior Art prize last term. Among the work that he submitted for that exhibition were three additional portraits which are posted below.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Gala Concert Poster Competition

Posted today are the prize winners of the Gala Concert Poster Competition.

1st Prize, Hakon Schug

2nd Prize, Pia Gromotka

Leslie v Negenborn

Monday, March 11, 2013

Art Prizes

Bella Purcell, Hakon Schug and Samuel Clarke with Professor Alex Milton.
The Art department are delighted to announce the winners of the Art, Craft and Photography prize evening held on Saturday March 9th and judged by the distinguished Professor Alex Milton who is Head of the Design Faculity at NCAD.

Senior Earl of Meath Art Prize
Samuel Clarke
Senior Craft Prize
Rachel Rogers
The Rossa Black -Macken Photography Prize
Bella Purcell
The Junior Earl of Meath Art Prize
Ciana Taylor
The Junior Craft Prize
Charlie Stewart
There was a commendation awarded to Hakon Schug (art), and distinctions awarded to Richard Dennis (art), Blathnaid Sheeran (craft), Eliza Hancock (Photography), Jamie Maher (photography),  Pia Gromotka (craft), Saya Kazuse (art) and Bella Purcell (art).
Well done to all prize winners and also to all who entered work to be included in the exhibition.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Art Prize Evening 2013

This evening the Annual Art Prize and Exhibition evening will be held in the BSR. This year we are delighted that Professor Alex Milton , who is Head of Design in the NCAD will be our guest speaker and the judge of this year's competition. There is a large selection of work on view in the BSR and we look forward to seeing who will be awarded the prizes!
Batik by Rachel Rogers VI

Self Portrait by Samuel Clarke IV

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Gala Concert Poster Competition

Jane Mackay
Jane Mackay is a synaesthetic artist who sees colours when she hears music

Once again the music department are looking for both junior and senior cycle artists to get involved with the 'Gala Concert Poster Competition'.
The entries are due in by Wednesday March 6th and the winning poster will be announced at the Music Prize evening a few days later.
The following information must be included on the poster;
St. Columba's College
Gala Concert
Saturday April 27th  2013 at 8pm
Mairead Buicke, soprano and Anthony Byrne, piano
Proceeds to Habitat for Humanity
The poster should be completed in a portrait format and A3 in size.
Previous examples of poster designs can be seen HERE. See your art teacher for any more information.

What is synaesthesia?

Your brain usually interprets signals from the eyes as light, and those from the ears as sound. But a few people experience sounds as colours, smells as colours or even colours as smells. Around one in a hundred people have some form of this 'mixing of the senses' or synaesthesia. Almost any combination of two of the five senses is possible, although it is most common to see a certain colour when you hear a particular sound.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Form V Batik

Examples of batik work by Form V.

Leslie von Negenborn

Molly Dunne

Monday, February 18, 2013

Marley Park

Before half term, the Form V Q set visited Marley Park during one of its lessons to make a record of some of the beautiful scenes the walled garden has to offer. Although still early in the year the garden has plently of inspirational images suitable for execution in watercolour. Work on these compositions began today. Even the group shot by the water fountain is forming the basis for a painting! It is hoped that some of this work will be ready for the annual exhibition and competition which will be held close to the end of term.

Molly Buckingham

Louisa Gibbs

Jennifer Kim