Saturday, June 12, 2010

Art Room Interior

SCC Art recently came across this drawing left sitting on a table in the Art room. Sadly it must have been discarded at some point as there are two footprints on the drawing !  It depicts the area under the stairs; just a small section of the busy Art Room. In the middle of the drawing is a table and sitting on it is a printing press. On the right is one of three chests of drawers in the Art Room which house the pupils' work. Various other pieces of art hang on the stair railing and sit on top of the drawers. The drawers are also labelled with the names of current pupils .
This well observed drawing shows good understanding of space and perspective which is especially important when drawing interiors. The drawing is by Henry Roe in Form IV and is now hanging on the railing which he has drawn in the picture above.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday's Photo

Today's photo was shot by Daphne Wright in Form V on a Nikon D60 in March 2010. The converging lines in the photo lead the viewer along the road and out of the shot. Where this road goes and what happens outside the frame is left for the viewer to ponder upon. This work echoes the idea behind the English Department's 'Images and Poetry ' module (i.e. the concept that the photograph is only the beginning or one part of a bigger narrative that extends beyond the frame). Some of the work from this module of study within the English Department can be viewed in their recently published book 'Outside the Frame'.

Junior Certificate Projects

Today the Junior Certificate Art Projects will be assessed and marked by an examiner from the Department of Education. We wish all our Junior Certificate pupils the best of luck with the assessment of this subject and with all other subjects in which they are examined during this month of June.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Create your own Still-Life

Inspired by yesterday's post? Click HERE to create your own still-life on the Topmarks Educational Search Engine. Use the different tools to include various objects, backgrounds, tones and brushstrokes. The program gives you lots of fruit to choose from so one could easily try one's hand at producing something similar to all those apples Cezanne painted.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Form V Still-Life Compositions

Form V has been working on still-life compositions. The inclusion of man-made and organic objects, as well as objects of varied scale and different shapes are essential when creating the still-life. The still-life should challenge the pupils' ability to recreate shape, form, colour and visual texture in a balanced, unified and harmonious composition.

Imogen Wardell                                               Work in Progress

Amelia Shirley                                                  Work in Progress

Daniel Roden                                                   Work in Progress