Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cricket at St. Columba's

There has been a long tradition of cricket at the college, and the Master in charge of Cricket, Mr. Canning, has kindly given information about the history of the sport at the College, which helps elucidate upon the circumstances surrounding the etching of the SCC Cricket Pavilion which you see posted here today.
The building of the Cricket Pavilion commenced on March 27th, 1866. Mr. McCurdy was the architect who designed it at a cost of £220 and it was one of the first buildings erected during the Rev. Robert Rice’s time as Warden of the College.
The first official XI can be seen listed on wooden boards inside the pavilion dating back to 1857. Thanks to the Pavilion Appeal the lists are completed to date.
The etching ‘Cricket at St. Columba’s’ is by former Art Master at the College Mr. Chris Vis. He completed a number of etchings, which were auctioned (the proceeds of which were donated GOAL), as part of the 1993 celebration that marked the 150th year in which cricket was played at the college.  Recently, Mr. Vis kindly presented  one of the remaining etchings to The Cricket Pavilion Appeal, which is most appreciative of this generous donation.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Flowers in Print

Following their paintings of flowers, the Form Primary translated some of their drawings and ideas into lino prints.

Katie Stewart                        George Perceval

Marta Carlotti

Monday, May 31, 2010

Form Primary's Flowers

Recently Form Primary took advantage of the beautiful surrounding in which they live.  Using the seasonal daffodils the pupils of Form Primary  ambitiously attempted large mixed media compositions. The results are spontaneous,  playful, colourful.