Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Exhibition Review

Posted today is Phoebe Morrell's (Form II) account of her visit to The Pearse Museum earlier in the week to see the Irish Guild of Embroiderers Exhibition  titled 'Off the Wall'.

Today I went to The Pearse Museum with all of the Form II art pupils. In our art lessons at the moment we are focusing on the topic of embroidery, which is an image made up of different materials that have been sewn onto a background of your choice. At the Museum there were loads of different pictures, with many types of materials. Some pictures were very peaceful when I looked at them, because of the gentle colours the artist had used or the scene they had chosen to depict. One of my favourite ones was The Ocean Way by Mary Gray. It was a mixed-media water-scene made up of fabric, stitching and layers of paint. It also included hand embroidery stitches in cotton and metallic thread. I liked it because it was very simple but very pretty at the same time, with a lovely golden orange goldfish in the centre, surrounded by different shades of blues and some greens. It was a lovely experience for my first Art Trip.

By Phoebe Morrell, (Form II).