Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Showcase Of Art By Old Columbans.

Tonight A Showcase of Art by Old Columbans went on display in the BSR. The exhibition of work will be on display until the end of this week and it is well worth a visit. There is a vast selection of work on display ; drawing, painting, sculpture, textiles, design and photography. Also available is a catalogue of the exhibition, and a calender which showcases the work of pupils who are currently attending The College.                                        

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Preparations are well under way for A Showcase of Art by Old Columbans which will he held at the College on Thursday and Friday this week.

Preparation for Lino Printing

Form I continue to work on different printing techniques. Their next printing experience will take the form of a lino print. Posted today are a selection of their designs, all based on self portraits. The pupils have adapted their original self portraits for lino printing, and have tried to adhere to creating a balance in their compositions between positive and negative space.

Chance Gustafson

Daisy McKeever

John Bennet

Soren Higgins

Helena Gromotka

Jack Stokes

Monday, October 24, 2011

Form V Q-Set, Batik Work.

Form V Q-Set Art pupils are experimenting with a different type of Batik. The traditional technique which requires the use of wax and dye with fabric has been replaced with plain old paint and a mixture of flour and water which mimics the resistance of the wax.
Posted below are a couple of test strips. The test strips allow the pupils to figure out the limits of these less traditional materials, for example, the correct consistency of paint, the ratio of water to flour, the thickness of the lines, the viscosity of the flour and water mixture etc. The results are quite effective.

Dena Al-Hamdan

Constantin Beissel von Gymnich

The pupils have now begun more developed compositions which are showing great potential.

Julia Xie

Dena Al-Hamdan


There are two competitions coming up that pupils may find a worthwhile experience to enter. The first is the Doodle for Google Competition which is open to all pupils. The second competition is linked to the charity Sightsavers, but is only available for the pupils in Form Primary. Please ask your art teacher for more information.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Showcase of Art by Old Columbans

This exhibition will run over two days at The College. There will also be a 2012 calender available to buy which showcases the work of  talented artists emerging within The College.

'July' displays the work of Molly Dunne.

There will also be a full colour  exhibition catalogue available with examples of work from the exhibitors.