Saturday, September 24, 2011

Culture Night

Last night the junior girls from Beresford House visited Airfield House, Farm and Gardens as part of  'Culture Night'.  The programme of events at Airfield included viewing the farm and gardens, a printing demonstration as well as an opportunity to learn some stitching techniques and live music from the Hot Club of Dublin.
Our pupils arrived at Airfield just in time to take part in the tour of the Farm. Animals on the farm included chickens, geese, sheep, cows, pigs, horses, and goats.

After the tour there was time to visit the printing studios where pupils undertook to complete a mono print. This was all the more meaningful as a number of Form I pupils are currently involved in a print project in our own art room.

Pupils choose an image to print.
The image is etched
onto a plastic plate.

Ink is applied to the plate.

The plates are lined up ready to print

Pupils assist by preparing paper for printing

The prints are put through the press.

The finished prints are examined.

Finally the pupils enjoyed a relaxing moment in Airfield house listening to some music performed by the Hot Club of Dublin.