Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Daily Grind by Daniel Shaw Smith (OC)

Many thanks to Mr Ronan Swift who has managed to acquire another painting for the college with some help from the tuck-shop funds. He has also written a short description about the painting 'The Daily Grind', and about the artist.

Daniel Shaw Smith is from Co. Mayo. He left St. Columba's College in 1996 and studied printmaking in the NCAD where he also completed a Masters. He has painted in London, France and Seville. Much of his work is humorous and executed in a cartoon style. Lately he has been exploring facets of the human body through medical illustration. He also cites Bud McMullen's (former Sub-Warden and Biology teacher) biology diagrams as an inspiration. He is currently working on promoting DVD boxsets of the 'Hands' documentaries on Irish craft skills made by his father in the 1970's.
Ronan Swift