Monday, April 26, 2010

The Art of Graffiti

Members of Form II have started a print project using Graffiti as a staring point. Below are some suggestions on how to get started forming your own Graffiti Style.

 Choose a Font
Most graffiti letters are bubble letters or wide letters because these are easier to see from a distance. They are often stylized to look like a font commonly found on the computer, so you can look at fonts for ideas. Ask yourself the following questions:
  • Do you want sharp lines or rounded lines?
  • Slanted or upright letters?
  • Do you like simple, clear cut letters or extra details that act as decorations to the letters?
Choose One Way to Alter the Style
Make the font style your own by changing one element of the style up. Can you slant the letters more? Make them taller or shorter or wider? Do you like to add decorative upturns or zig zags? Look for ways to alter the font so it is still readable but reflects your personal style.
Create Your Own Alphabet
Use markers, pencils and pens to practice developing your own alphabet on a small scale. Experiment until you've got your own flair down.
Make a Stencil of Each Letter
Using your new alphabet as a template, create life size stencils of each letter of the alphabet, exactly as you'd want it on the wall. Use posterboard and cut out each letter shape, leaving the inside of each letter open.
Spray Paint Using the Stencils
Use the stencils to create uniform letters. Spray paint each open stencil thoroughly. Beware of paint dripping behind the stencil!
Outline the Edges
Use a contrasting paint and fine paint brushes to paint clear, crisp outlines around your letters. Touch up any areas paint may have dripped.
Add Stylistic Touches
 Add stylistic decorations, symbols and images to your final product. Make your message your own!