Thursday, January 20, 2011

Batik by Form II.

Form II have begun work on designing and completing a batik. Working from a chosen theme pupils were required to complete a design suitable for the craft of Batik. The designs must be coloured before the application of wax to the fabric. This will ensure that the correct steps are taken to realise their proposed design.  Posted below are some examples of pupil work  at different stages of the entire Batik process from the design stage right through to the application of wax and dye to the fabric. Batik can be a slow process as it is necessary for the fabric to completely dry out inbetween the application of each colour. Completed Batiks will be posted in the coming weeks. 

Design on Paper by Samual Clarke

Design on Paper with a preliminary sketch on fabric by Marina Pollock

Sophie Lamotte applies wax to fabric to reval her drawing, all the while paying close attention to her initial design

Edward Tottenham's Batik with its first application of wax and dye