Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Today's post again makes reference to Victoria Finlay's book 'Colour, Travels Through the Paintbox'. Last week the colour OCHRE was introduced and today SCC Art is featuring BLUE. In her chapter on BLUE the author travels to Afganistan in search of lapis-lazuli; 'the stone which yields the azure colour ultramarine'. She discusses the relevance of the arrival of the colour ultramarine in Italy in the 13th Century and its impact on religious painting, and its uses and qualities as a glaze for pottery. There is also some discussion of the three colours derived from lapis lazuli,' the colour of water', 'green', and 'red feather' (the colour of the deepest moment of fire). The chapter also makes for interesting reading about her travels through Afganistan and her journey as the first woman to visit the stone mine at Sar-e-sang (place of stone). This lovely book is housed in the SCC Library and was recently presented to the college by Mr. Brett.