Thursday, December 10, 2009

Junior Certificate Projects

                                                   Form III Junior Certificate projects are well underway and all pupils are developing their themes based on those given by the Department of Education.
Posted today are some examples  of 2D studies (painting/graphic design) and batik craftwork.  Candidates must complete three pieces of work based on the theme they have chosen. Their completed project  will comprise 2D studies,3D studies and craftwork. Each finished piece must be accompanied by a preparatory studies sheet and a support studies sheet.
William Maire Craftwork (batik above) work in progress

The Art Department are also getting ready for the up-comping exhibition of last years Junior Certificate work on  this coming Sunday evening in the Big School Room.

Timothy Hone           2D Studies (painting)     work in progress.

Ilya Zyzlaev,  2D studies(graphic design)  work in progress