Sunday, November 8, 2009

A tribute to the Frog Blog and sccenglish

The Art Department wishes to thank the Frog Bloggers and sccenglish for their welcoming and encouraging words. We at the Art Department have a lot to learn about blogging and at present can only dream of running as successful a blog as theirs. By way of thanking them for advice and encouragement we are dedicating today's post to these departments.

In our archive we managed to find a watercolour painting of an amphibian of which we hope the Frog Blog will approve!

Frog by Stephanie Doig (OC)

 Portrait of J.M.Synge by J.B.Yeats.
John Millington Synge, who featured on yesterday's English Department blog, and the focus of first activities last night, is often overlooked for his contribution to photography. His photographs document the people of Ireland, at the turn of the last century.

Below are a few of J.M. Synge's photographs of people on the Aran Islands.